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This is how the supernatural series,Incredible Tales looks like.


The boy in the left of the girl is Tay who encounter the Banana Tree Spirit.

Incredible Tales is one of the most popular supernatural series in Channel 5. It is sometimes scary or not scary and there are 6 season of this show so enjoy watching it.==Its video time!==

Every Sunday, I will post a Incredible Tales video and make sure you feel scared or unscared while watching the video.
Incredible Tales-Price of beauty

Incredible Tales-Price of beauty

This is the video of the week!

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Next week is about the Banana Tree Spirit and make sure you watch it on 10pm. This Banana Tree Spirit tales is about a man name Tay who was working in a hardward store was eating with his friends.One of his friends told him about the Banana Tree Spirit that make him very interested of it.He remembered that his friends instructed him what to do that he went to Kampong at night and find a banana tree that has beautiful flowers on.Let me tell you that Tay just wanted to test out and find out if the Banana Tree Spirit is truth.After a while do you know what will happen next? Find out next week Incredible Tales on 10pm and you will get a shocked of it so find out.....................................